Trendsetters Discord Bot

At Trendsetters, we offer a powerful Discord bot that helps traders and investors stay on top of the latest market trends. Our discord verified bot uploads detailed Watchlists and Technical Analysis to more than 100 stock, options, and cryptocurrency trading servers. We also work with websites and mobile apps. 

In addition to our core features, we also offer white labeling services. This means that you can customize the posts from the bot to match your brand's image and logo, giving you a professional and cohesive look across all of your channels. We don't seek any credit for our work unless it is given to us. 

Weekly Watchlist: 
The Weekly Watchlist is a 15-30 page PDF that gets published every Sunday night around 7-9PM EST. The PDF contains hyperlinks for ease of access, a detailed broad market analysis, technical analysis, swing trade opportunities, investment ideas, and earnings & economic calendars. This PDF is packed with information that prepares its readers for the week ahead. 

Daily Watchlist:
The Daily Watchlist is a short list of 4-6 tickers that present both long and short triggers for day trades. Each of these triggers has 2 price targets. These triggers and targets are made by examining and monitoring key hourly and daily levels of support and resistance as well as trend changes. There will also be a brief Market Notes section under these levels for a broad market outlook for the day with any important events that may impact the markets.

Intraday Technical Analysis:
If the Technical Analysis from the Weekly Watchlist isn't enough, we also post intraday reversals, continuation patterns, broad market updates, important levels, and updates to the Weekly Watchlist. These posts may also come with contract suggestions for day and swing trading opportunities.

How it works:
Please reach out to our staff to set up the bot in your server, only the Trendsetters team is whitelisted to install and customize the bot.  After inviting our bot to the server, we will begin to setup web hooks within your desired channels. Each feature comes with its own web hook, meaning each feature can be customized independently. We can change the profile picture, name, thumbnail, embed color, role mention, footer, and pdf footer logo for each feature that we offer - so our bot can look at home in your server!