Step One: Authorization

Please click here to authorize the application in your discord server. To authorize, simply click the link, select your server, enter your authorization code if applicable, and then click authorize. Please do not un-check any of the granted permissions on the authorization page. After you click authorize, the bot will appear in your server. 

Step Two: Channel Creation

Please create channels for us to post in. Most of our clients create two channels, one for both the weekly and daily watchlist and one for the technical analysis. You are more than welcome to create three channels to keep all the features separate. You can name these channels whatever you'd like. 

Step Three: Channel Permissions

Please note that a staff member from Trendsetters needs to subscribe the application to your designated channel. This member will need the following channel permissions: View Channel, Send Messages, Embed Links, Attach Files, Read Message History, and Use Application Commands. 

Due to the nature of our services, our application requires more channel permissions than you might be accustomed to giving. If you already have a role that grants every permission available to a bot or application, please ignore this step and give @Trendsetters this role. 

If you do not have a role that grants advanced permissions, please right click on one of the previously created channels and click "Edit Channel". This will open a window, please click "Permissions" just under the "Overview" page. To the right of the Roles/Members list, there is a button with a plus sign. Click this button and search for "Trendsetters" then click on the member called Trendsetters which shows our logo. Once you click it, you'll see it in the Roles/Members list. Select Trendsetters in this list and then click the green check mark for every permission on the right. Once you're done, you can right click on the channel you just edited and duplicate it so that you don't have to repeat these steps for the other channels we'll be posting in. 

Step Four: Finishing Touches

After the bot is authorized and has joined the server, the channels have been made, and the permissions are ready for both the user installing the bot and the bot itself, you're good to go. 

Send your logo to the person subscribing the bot to your server and we will get to work subscribing and customizing the bot!